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Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel.” Socrates

Education can be seen as: “the act or process of imparting or acquiring particular knowledge or skills as for a profession." ( The ARMA Canada Board serves its affiliated regional chapters. Its primary duty is to provide direction on how best to operate a Volunteer Board within the context of ARMA’s mandate. This mandate includes the delivery of educational content. The ARMA Canada Board helps chapters by providing advisory services on the manner in which to structure and deliver its Educational content.

The manner by which education is imparted is referred to as Programming. Delivering education is a one of the key purposes of any ARMA Board. ARMA Boards are rarely  the creators of the educational content itself. Rather, they can be the brokers of this content to the wider ARMA community. ARMA serves to promote and foster IM discussion to build knowledge and capacity within the profession. ARMA, as an honest broker, can bridge private public partnerships and harness the work done throughout the IM field. As such, it can:

a) create a model that serves its financial non-profit requirement for self–sustainability, and

b) identify content that, if delivered locally, but has national merit, can be circulated to the ARMA Canada Conference events.


The position of Chapter Advisor, Educational and Programming Portfolio sits on the ARMA Canada Board. This position aims to:

  1. foster discussion and issue a plan to address issues relating to education and its delivery, raised during ARMA Canada Regional Leadership discussions.
  2. advise each Chapter in the Canadian Region via the issuance of a National Educational Action Plan. This position is thus responsible for creating and delivering a National Educational Action Plan to each Chapter’s Education portfolio position, upon approval by ARMA Canada Region.
  3. broker conversation and advise Chapters in order to best understand and help in enacting the Action Plan

National Educational Action Plan

 The key document to articulate the manner in which education can be structured, and delivered is presented via a National Educational Action Plan. This Plan guides the deliverables for each Chapter Advisor Educational Portfolio’s term. The structure of the document (Action Plan) will focus on issues of logistics around the staging of learning events in order to ensure ARMA Boards work cycles include focus on speakers, content and topics. The Plan will be written every two years, in a manner to allow each Chapter's Board, regardless of location, to easily harness their planning with the intent of ensuring steady delivery of educational programming.  The plan should ultimately work to serve the needs of not only local needs but national (ARMA Canada Region) as well.

Details of the current Action Plan can be sought by contacting the Chapter Advisor, Education and Programming, ARMA Canada, or via each Chapter's Educational Lead.

Trevor Banks is in his second year as Chapter Advisor for Education and Programming.

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