“TLDR: Too Long, Didn't Read” – the words you’ll be greeted with by your colleagues if three days’ worth of conference notes aren’t boiled down into concise points and action items.  Don’t let this happen to you.  Attend the last session 

How do we transform our profession?  Over the past three days, we’ve had a chance to connect with our peers and explore innovative ideas, now it’s time to bring everything together.  Join us at the capstone session that will give you a chance to make sense of it all.

Attend our facilitated panel discussion with four conference experts as they help you leverage your three days of ideas and discussion into key takeaways.  Capture groundbreaking ideas and check in with colleagues to form a professional group consensus about where to go from here.  


Our Panelists:

1: Chantal Lareau

Facing the realities of RIM head-on is a skilled and articulate and active member of our professional, Chantal Lareau. Chantal is based in Ottawa, Chantal has been the head of the information management program at the Supreme Court of Canada since February 2016. Chantal was the heart of IM for 10 years accruing experience in such places as the heart of the beast, aka Treasury Board Secretariat (TBS) as the lead analyst. Her advice came to be the soothing calm steady voice many called upon in the Federal Government. Of note, if you have twitter, be sure to follow @ARMA_ncr during the conference. It might just be that one C.L. will be quipping away with many a cat meme and witty analysis.

2: Stéphane Bourbonniere 

Bringing insight, a focus on planning and strong leadership to both his professional and volunteer life is Stéphane Bourbonniere.  https://www.linkedin.com/in/sbourbonniere/  Stéphane's pedigree includes a focus on eDiscovery and eDiscovery readiness, Information Management and Information Technology Management. To quote Stéphane, "I am passionate about finding better ways to accomplish a task and to take advantage of the information technology at hand. I am passionate about Information Governance and processes review. I am passionate about simplifying the complexity." Simplifying a lot of information and ideas into digestible bit size plans. Perfect. Exactly what we need to give you your next steps upon returning to your work.

3: Alison Clarke | CIP

Alison Clarke leads Product Marketing for Content Suite at OpenText. With 10 years focused on ECM, and a background in industries including supply chain management, automotive manufacturing and consumer products, she is a subject matter expert on topics that range from improving business process productivity to information governance. Bringing the POV of the vendor who faces the practical side of implementation projects, Alison is suited to bring the final panel.

4: Ellie Kim

Ellie Kim is a local with a vision. Ellie typifies those in our field. Highly qualified as an information specialist (MAS, IGP, CIP) she has experience in policy design, digital preservation, and information & knowledge services. Currently, she works at Vancity Credit Union, managing employee portal and various information/knowledge services portfolios. She also teaches at UBC iSchool and is a board member with ARMA Vancouver Chapter. Prior to hearing from Ellie in our last session, you can hear Ellie Tuesday afternoon as she details on creating functional requirements for their digital recordkeeping system.

5 Moderator Trevor Banks

Our moderator brings his passion and humour whereever he goes. This energy, if harnessed, could power a commuter bus to travel between Hamilton and Thunder Bay. Look up @BanksTrevor on Twitter and you will someone who is keen to investigate where this profession of IM is going; how it is evolving. A Federal Civil Servant, based in Ottawa, Trevor's has been directly involved in developing new ways to express, explain and extol the virtues of organising, disposing, using the powers invested in him via the teachings of change management.

By bringing his adapt knowledge of IM and his, now patented, humour; Trevor has the perfect combo for moderating a group of high performers! Find out more about Trevor here:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/trevor-banks-3a8003134


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